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How do I set up a reminder that repeats from date of completion?

When editing a reminder, tap on the recurrence button > choose 'Custom' > turn off the switch in the 'From' section.

How do I create a reminder with a link to the webpage that I'm currently on?

You can install a bookmark in your browser, and access that bookmark to send the link of the current webpage to Due.

The simplest way to do this is to drag the link Due It to your bookmarks bar on your desktop browser, and sync your bookmarks to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad through iCloud or iTunes.

Does Due support recurring reminders? What kind of recurrences can I set?

Yes. You can repeat a reminder every N days, weeks, months or years. The minimum recurrence is every 1 day. There is no every N minutes/hours recurrences.

The following kinds of recurrences are also supported in Due:

  • Weekdays only
  • Weekends only
  • On certain days of the week only (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • 1st/2nd/3rd/4th/last Monday-Sunday every N months
  • 1st/last day/weekday every N months

Does Due have a snoozing feature?

Yes. Snoozing is supported in two forms: auto snoozing and postponing.

Auto snoozing: Due notifies you of missed reminders repeatedly until you act on them (mark as done, postponed, or cancel auto snooze). This way you won't be missing another reminder.

Postponing: Sort of like the traditional Snooze button on your alarm clock. Each time a reminder fires, you tap 'View' and you get options to postpone it by 10 minutes, an hour or a day.

You could also postpone the reminder by any combination or multiples of these intervals (eg. 2 hours 30 minutes) by tapping multiple times.

What happens if I silence my phone?

If your phone is on silent when the alarm occurs, it'll be vibration only. Unlike Apple's own, third-party apps like Due cannot override the silent mode to play any alert sound while they're not running.

Can I change the notification sounds?

Yes. Due comes with 59 different alert sounds ranging from short to long, unobtrusive to really irritating. You can choose a default alert sound for reminders and timers separately.

You can also set different alert tones for different reminders and timers.

Are there vibrate-only alarms?

By default, a reminder without sound will be a vibrate-only reminder. You must also enable 'Vibrate on Ring' and 'Vibrate on Silent' in iOS > Settings > Sounds.

Can I create todos without alerts or due date?

Short answer: No, Due does not support todos without alerts or due date, and probably never will.

Long answer: While Due can certainly function as a todo list for many people, its reason of being is really reminders. While there is certainly some overlap between a good reminder app and a good todo management app, they are fundamentally very different animals.

A good reminder app works because it's low-friction, it nags, it reminds, it keeps us on our toes. A good todo app needs strong organizing, searching and prioritizing capabilities. For the more complex todo apps, maybe even context, tagging and delegation.

Even as it is now, some users have already requested for the ability to sort reminders manually. Such a feature really belongs to a todo app and not a reminder app like Due, where it makes most sense to have items due soonest appear at the top. By supporting todos without alerts and due dates, I'll be blurring the line even further and open up a floodgate for features that I have no intention to support.

There are many other excellent ways to store and manage your todo list, ranging from wunderlist (free) to Listary (it has great integration with Due, allowing you to set reminders for your todo items in Due easily) to full-fledged GTD manager OmniFocus.

Can I configure alerts to sound X minutes before due date?

Short answer: No, Due does not support pre-alerts, and probably never will.

Long answer: This is a common question for people coming from calendaring apps, where we set up an event at event time (say Meeting at 4pm) and then an alert before the event (eg. 1 hour before) to remind us about it so as to give us time to prepare for it.

I like to think of the reminders in Due as just that—the reminders before the event instead of the event itself. So our reminder in Due would really be 'Prepare for meeting', set to sound at 3pm, instead of 'Meeting' set at 4pm itself.

How can I quickly set a due date months or years away without scrolling through the wheel? How can I make use of natural date parsing?

Due detects any date and time provided in the reminder title and allows you to set the due date and time accordingly.

For example, you can enter:

  • "Collect passport next Monday 4pm",
  • "Make dinner reservation at 14:00 tomorrow",
  • "Wish Sally happy birthday on Aug 22 at 8 AM"
  • "Phone contract expires May 30 2014"

There are no fixed formats to follow for dates and time; "4pm" works just as fine as "4:00 PM" or "16:00", and "Aug 22" works as well as "22 August" or "8/22". Relative dates like "in 20 mins" or "in 6 months" also work.

To set your due date using the detected date and time in your title, you'd first need to dictate or type your reminder with the date and time (eg. Product Meeting Friday 9am). Next, tap on the button labelled 'Set to: <parsed date>' button that appears in the top row of the Quick Access Times.

I'm not getting any notifications, sounds and badges.

Head into your iPhone/iPad/iPod Settings > Notification Center, scroll down to find Due, and ensure that it is properly configured for notifications.

My reminder keeps going off even though it was marked done or deleted.

There is a bug in iOS where notifications are sometimes not removed from the notification system. In all cases, launching the app, returning to home screen, and restarting your device would clear the phantom reminder.

The problem is rather rare, and seems to occur after updating Due from the App Store, or when updating your iOS. I've filed a bug report with Apple regarding this issue.

iCloud sync is not working for me.

Due uses the Documents in the Cloud technology to keep your database in sync. However there are times when iCloud may fail to upload or download your database from the cloud, or fail to reflect changes made on another device.

If you're encountering such an issue, do consider using Dropbox sync, which is a lot more predictable, and supports background sync. If not, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Head to Due > Settings > Sync > Advanced > Choose Delete from iCloud.
  2. Do this for all of your iOS devices.
  3. If you're having problems syncing with a Mac, also follow the iCloud troubleshooting guide for the Mac.
  4. To ensure best results, you should turn off 'iCloud Drive' in iOS > Settings > iCloud on all of your iOS devices as well.
  5. Turn off all of your iOS and OS X devices.
  6. Turn them back on again.
  7. Turn back on 'iCloud Drive' in iOS > Settings > iCloud.
  8. Link Due with iCloud and sync again.

Who made those beautiful social media icons on your website?

The Social Network Icon Pack is made by Rogie King from Komodo Media and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

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