Super fast.

Type "Make dinner reservation at 9am tomorrow" and your reminder is set for 9 AM tomorrow.

Just tell Due in your own words what you'd like to do, and when you'd like to be reminded.

Your reminder is set as soon as you're done typing.

The super-fast reminder app on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch—now on your Mac.

Download Due for Mac

And never forgets.

Set due dates quickly with natural date input

There are no awkward date pickers to fight with, nor rigid date and time format to follow.

Set due date and time by typing what is natural to you.

Type "Make dinner reservation at 9am tomorrow" and your reminder is set for 9 AM tomorrow.

"Cancel subscription in 1 month" and you get a buzz a month later.

Just tell Due in your own words what you'd like to do, and when you'd like to be reminded. 

Repeating reminders

Whether it's to take vitamins before bed each night, to change your pet's bedding every 2 weeks on Sunday, to submit a monthly report on the last weekday of the month, or to take out the recyclable trash on Tuesday and Thursday each week, Due has got you covered.

Once you've completed the task, simply mark it complete with a click or with a keyboard shortcut and Due automatically reschedules the task for you at its next interval.  

Never miss reminders. Get things done with auto snooze

With Due, your todo list never gets stale.

By default, it repeatedly notifies you of overdue reminders every 5 minutes with its auto snoozing feature until you mark them complete, reschedule them, or turn off their auto snooze.

You can change how frequent Due reminds you: every minute, every 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, or even every hour.*

With auto snooze, things actually get done. 

Reusable timers for repetitive errands

Plunge your French Press after the coffee has steeped for 4 minutes? Or if you prefer tea: a 2-minute timer to steep your Vanilla Sencha, or a 5-minute timer for your Earl Grey?

Or a nudge to call your client back in 20 minutes. A reminder when the cake is baked in an hour's time. Or all of them at once.

Whatever it is, once you create a timer, you can reuse them forever with just a click (or ⌘S, if you like keyboard shortcuts).  

Set and manage your reminders with keyboard

Feel more at ease with your keyboard than a mouse or trackpad? You'll feel right at home with Due.

Show or hide Due, create reminders, reschedule them, mark them complete, delete them.

Everything you need is a keyboard shortcut away. 

Set and Access your reminders everywhere

Due supports syncing through Dropbox or iCloud. Create a reminder on your Mac and it's there on your iPhone and iPad.*

With sync, you'll always have access to your most updated reminders, whether you are on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. 

* Background sync is only supported through Dropbox. Sync on iOS requires Due for iOS (sold separately).

Customize and manage your notifications

Customize how notifications behave—whether they display a notification, play a sound, bounces the icon or highlights the icon in the menu bar—when reminders and timers become due.

Choose between the built-in Notification Center or Growl for your notifications.

If you use Growl, you'd be happy to know that you can customize how your notifications look and behave with one of the many styles that are already out there for Growl. 

The style in the screenshots is adapted from Christopher Lobay's Mono 2.0 theme.

No Internet required, no signups needed

Just start Due and you're good to go.

No Internet access required, no accounts to create,* no subscription fees to pay.

Everything lives on your Mac so you get super reliable reminders that do not depend on your Internet connection or a third-party server. 

Due is compatible with any Mac running OS X Mavericks 10.9 or later.

* The optional over-the-air sync requires a working Internet connection, and either a free iCloud or Dropbox account.

Download Due for Mac

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