What the media are saying

John Gruber, daringfireball.net

"I've been trying this... app for a few days and digging it — a convenient, low-friction way to set short-term reminders and timers... Focused and thoughtful design."

Merlin Mann, that guy from 43 Folders

"Due is there when you need it, it's blazingly fast to use, and then it gets and stays the heck out of your way... an essential piece of my iOS workflow that I can't imagine NOT using daily..."

Bill Barol, Boing Boing

"It passes the highest test I can imagine for an iPhone app: It's so smart, and so pretty, I can't imagine why Apple didn't bake something like it right in."

Adam Curry, The Big App Show

"... one of those missing pieces that should have come in the box when I got my brand new iPhone 4."

Victor Agreda, Jr, TUAW

"Due is simply a must-have app... you won't regret... for such a well-made app."

Rene Ritchie, TiPb.com Pick of the Week

"... quickly replaced Apple's built-in Clock App for simple time-based alarms, and even Calendar on occasion for things that weren't full-fledged events but still couldn't be forgotten."

Federico Viticci, MacStories.net

"It's the best reminder app for iPhone"

Tap! Magazine UK, The Best App For Reminders

"... there’s no quicker way of setting [reminders] up than here."

Adam Dachis, Lifehacker.com

"... really solid app that handles the few things it does really well."

Kyle VanHemert, Gizmodo.com

"Due is a super clean and super quick way to set up timed reminders for yourself... I'm a sucker for apps that do one thing and one thing well, especially if they look nice while they're doing it."

Aaron Stanley, Appsolute Reviews

"Even with the introduction of Siri, many iOS users still find themselves craving something faster that doesn’t require diving down three levels of menu to access it’s settings. The solution to this problem, is Due.""

James Bruce, MakeUseOf.com

"I can honestly say I’ve stopped using Calendar and switched appointments and reminders entirely over to Due."

Brandon Pittman, smokingapples.com

"Due is a good app that I recommend for people looking for not just reminders about things they have to do, but also to people who use their iPhone as a timer a lot."

Bryan Wolfe, AppAdvice.com

"Due makes completing tasks easier than ever..."

Scott Dooley, AppVader.com

"... no easier, simpler and intuitively designed app than Due."

Masatake E. Hori, Lifehacking.jp

"Simple and elegant..."

What our users are saying


"Everything in the app seems geared towards quick and easy entry, and it succeeds with flying colors."


"GTD was bogging me down and now I'm liberated and still organized :)"

Nick Robinson

"... it's brilliant, just what I was looking for, and it's the first new app I've placed on the first screen of my iPhone for a long time."

Simon Crowley

"... I love Due—it's already made it to the first page on my homescreen..."

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