Jot down a task and set up a reminder really, really fast?

A place where all your mundane but important reminders can go without cluttering your calendar or GTD manager?

And a beautiful design that gets out of your way so you can focus on your reminders?

Now you can have everything.

Download Due for iPhone and iPad

The timings you need — only a tap away

Scrolling through the time wheel to set your due date is slow.

And that's why Due comes with 12 Quick Access Times that lets you instantly set your reminder to the next 12 noon, the next 10 PM, or whatever time you fancy, with just a single tap.

You can even customize them to add or subtract time from the current date (like +30 minutes from now) to quickly defer reminders or fine tune your due dates. 

Reusable timers for repetitive errands

Plunge your French Press after the coffee has steeped for 4 minutes? Or if you prefer tea: a 2-minute timer to steep your Vanilla Sencha, or a 5-minute timer for your Earl Grey?

Or a nudge to call your client back in 20 minutes. A reminder when the cake is baked in an hour's time. Or all of them at once.

Whatever it is, once you create a timer, you can reuse them forever 

Repeating reminders

Whether it's to take vitamins before bed each night, to change your pet's bedding every 2 weeks on Sunday, to submit a monthly report on the last weekday of the month, or to take out the recyclable trash on Tuesday and Thursday each week, Due has got you covered.

Once you've completed the task, simply swipe to mark it complete and Due automatically reschedules the task for you at its next interval.  

Persistent reminders
with Auto snooze

Overdue reminders stay in sight until you're ready to act on them.

And with auto snooze,* Due repeatedly notifies you of overdue reminders until you mark them complete, reschedule them, or turn off their auto snooze.

Your todo list never gets stale. 

* Auto snooze interval can be changed to every 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes, or none at all.

The smartest badges in town

See at a glance how many outstanding tasks you have for the day with the Today + Overdue option, or just the reminders that you've ignored or missed with the Overdue only option.

Or if you like, have Due badge up all Upcoming + Overdue reminders, or none at all.

Yet another reason to put Due on your home screen.  

Set and Access your reminders anywhere

Due can sync your reminders and timers through Dropbox or iCloud. Create a reminder on your iPhone and it's there on your Mac and iPad.*

With sync, you'll always have access to your most updated reminders, whether you are on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. 

* Background sync is only supported through Dropbox. Sync with Mac requires Due for Mac (sold separately).

Assignable alerts: a tone for each

Need a longer and louder alert for your nap timer, but want to keep the rest of your alerts short and sweet?

Assign a distinctive alert sound for each reminder.

Due also shows the last two most recently used alert sound for quick access to frequently used alert sounds.  

Made a mistake? Undo it

Postponed a reminder wrongly? Accidentally marked a reminder as done?

With Undo support, it's okay to make mistakes. One tap and your reminder will be back to where and what it was before.

If you miss the undo prompt the first time round, shake to bring back the prompt. 

Take your reminders everywhere

With full time zone support, you can take your reminders with you everywhere you go.

Due intelligently takes care of any time zone shifts for your reminders.

Whether you're in California or Tokyo, you can be sure that your daily morning reminder at 7am will always sound at the right time.  

Download Due for iPhone and iPad

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